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Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo

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Lip Blushing and Neutralization

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattoo designed to enhance the natural beauty of the lip area. Using colored pigment, the lip blush technique aims to improve the shape of the lip, ultimately helping to create the illusion of fuller, more defined lips without the need for fillers.


Like microblading, this semi-permanent pigment-depositing treatment is meant to give the wearer a perfectly natural-looking result. It’s a far cry from the overdone tattooed-on makeup of years past. Lip blushing is meant to impart a hint of pretty color to your lips and enhance their overall shape, so you don’t have to use lip stains, tints, glosses, or even lipstick if you don’t want to.

Lip neutralisation is a specialised treatment for those with cool, or dark-toned, lips. It is a procedure often performed on clients with darker skin tones or those whose lips have darkened over time due to weather conditions, hyperpigmentation, or underlying medical issues.

It involves depositing neutralizing ink pigments into the lip area to balance darker tones and enhance the natural lip color, shape, and symmetry. The treatment creates a subtle, rather than saturated, effect to ensure natural-looking results. Whilst injectables (lip fillers) are great for adding permanent volume to the lip area, lip neutralisation is perfect for adding definition and fullness.


Blemish and Scar pigment Correction

Paramedical Tattooing, also known as Medical Tattooing, and Medical Micropigmentation can be applied in many ways. Skin Camouflage helps improve the appearance of persons with skin diseases such as Vitiligo or post-inflammatory hyporpigmentation from skin trauma.


Scar Camouflage helps reduce the appearance of scars from accidents, burns, surgery, or the repair of congenital disorders such as Cleft Palate. Hair Simulation or Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) helps restore the appearance of missing hair lost to disease (Cancer or Alopecia), trauma, or natural thinning within an eyebrow, mustache, or scalp. That technique can also be used to simulate hair stubble.

Reconstructive camouflage helps post-mastectomy patients by creating a nipple and areola on the newly reconstructed breast. The appearance of areola incision scars from breast surgeries for augmentation, reduction, and breast lift can also be masked.

Our expertise also extends into the Paramedical field of scar revision, scar camouflage, tattoo removal, and hair follicle replication, as well as areola restoration, vitiligo, and skin pigmentation disorder camouflage, and much more. We use the latest state of the art equipment and highest-grade pigments for all of our procedures. 

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